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Refurbished StairMaster® Stepmill® 7000 PT | Ultimate Fitness Equipment

Refurbished StairMaster® Stepmill® 7000 PT

  • $2,250.00 MSRP: $5,499.00
    Available: Yes

Refurbished StairMaster® Stepmill® 7000 PT

This refurbished StairMaster® Stepmill® 7000 PT exercise system is a safe, functional, and effective exercise modality for developing aerobic fitness and increasing the strength of the major muscle groups of the lower body. It is designed for use by individuals of all ages and fitness levels. Your purchase of this machine is a positive affirmation of your commitment to use the best available methods for enhancing your functional fitness capabilities. In order to derive optimal benefits from your machine, you should read this manual thoroughly and adhere closely to the instructions.

The StairMaster Stepmill 7000 PT exercise system is a vertical climbing machine with a rotating staircase which provides an aerobic workout equivalent to climbing stairs, without the impact loads and skeletal trauma common to most aerobic activities. Regular use of the Stepmill 7000 PT exercise system strengthens and conditions the heart and the following lower body muscle groups: gluteals, quadriceps, hamstrings, and calf muscles.
Full 8” step requires complete stairclimbing motion.
Patented design ensures safes, biomechanically correct movement.
Electronic braking mechanism precisely controls the speed of the drive system for a continuous, rhythmic climbing speed.
Revolving staircase speed may be varied from 30-174 steps per minute.
Motivating programs include a nationally recognized fitness test to gauge your progress.
Computer console motivates you throughout your workout by giving elapsed time, calories burned, miles traveled, floors climbed, step rate, relative exercise intensity (METs), and power output (watts) for workout-to-workout comparisons.
Includes Polar® Heart Rate monitor capability.

Physical Dimensions:
Length 50.0 inches (127 cm)
Width 29.0 inches (74 cm)
Height 78.0 inches (198 cm)
Weight 409 pounds (186 kg)

Power Supply Specifications:
Output Voltage 12 to 19 VDC
Output Current Capacity 2.5 amps
Input Power Consumption 55 watts

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